4 Fruits You Can Totally Use To Clean Your House!

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to be an expensive affair – especially if the tools you’re using are in season! Fruits have been used for years as a natural cleaning aid, and are quite successful at it, too. The natural power of citrus and the surprising usefulness of a banana peel will have you reaching on top of the counter when it comes time to clean – not just under it.

1. Lemons!

Use lemons to target the #1 problem in your kitchen: odor. After cleaning up your garbage disposal by flushing it with soapy water, you can use a combination of lemon peels, ice, and salt to clean it out and freshen it up! The lemon peels will get rid of the strange odors coming from the drain, the ice will knock loose any stray food or buildup, and a generous amount of salt will help to rub away any stuck foods. Don’t be afraid of the noise, either! Let it run until you can’t hear any more noise, and then keep it on for another 5 seconds with the water running to flush out any remaining gunk. It works wonders! I only clean out my disposal once a month and the lemon peels keep it fresh and clean in the mean time! Have a few handy and just toss them in every once in a while to give it a burst of cleaning power and freshen the scent.

6.18iPolish your copper with a lemon and some coarse salt! Cut your lemon in half and sprinkle salt onto the top. Use it to rub the salt over the surface of copper pots and pans to get them shining again! Scrub the surface in circular motions and squeeze the lemons as you go along, adding more salt to create a paste for rougher or tough spots. You can clean out a metal sink by sprinkling salt inside and scrubbing it with a lemon in this way, too.

My favorite thing to clean with a lemon is wooden cutting boards. In the same way that you would scrub your copper pans, scrub at the wooden cutting board with lemon juice and salt. This method works for wooden chopping blocks, spoons, bowls, and plates. This method will give wooden utensils a very deep clean. Once you’ve scrubbed deeply, let the mixture sit on the wood for about 10 minutes. Then, using a metal spatula or other flat object, scrape at the wood to remove impurities and build up. The color of the goop should be a light gray color, and darker if you’ve never before cleaned your cutting board in this manner. Aim to clean it once a week!

The citrus in lemons has numerous antiseptic and antibacterial properties making it a great cleaning aid.

2. Oranges!

If you aren’t a fan of the acidic and citrus smell of lemons, you can use orange peels to get rid of odor, too! Oranges work similarly to lemons as they can eliminate odors in your garbage disposal as well. Toss in a few orange peels instead of lemon peels when you’re cleaning your disposal for a different scent.

Orange peels also extract oils. You can soak orange peels in vinegar to change the smell of the vinegar that you use to clean around the house! The smell changes to a sweeter and more citrus scent than just plain vinegar. I love this because the smell is cleaner and fresher when I have to mop or wipe down counters.

3. Bananas!

The peels of bananas are amazing for cleaning silverware! Rub the banana peels on any silver and watch the instant transformation. Banana peels will also shine leather shoes, and break down quickly making them the best addition to your compost pile.

4. Grapefruit!

Grapefruits are amazing at getting rid of stains in bathrooms! If you have a dingy tub, dark spots around the drain, or just strange colors from harsh water, grab a grapefruit! Cut it in half and sprinkle a generous amount of salt onto the half of the fruit and also onto the surface of the tub or sink. Scrub away at the dirty areas and squeeze the fruit as you go along. Your bathroom will look and smell amazing and for only the cost of a single grapefruit!

Citrus fruits are great additions to your cleaning routine – discover how easy it is to clean around the house with a lemon and some salt!

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